Confluent Strategies

Partnering with Modern Interface and Conveyor, we created a people-first web experience highlighting the strong relationships between Confluent Strategies and their local businesses.

Confluent Brand Shoot Hero

Brand Photoshoot Art Direction

Working with photographer Matthew Sumi, we created friendly team shots that speak to the level of warm service customers can expect from Confluent Strategies' staff.

Each team member has their own profile page detailing which territories they serve, and outlining what makes them proud to work for the company.

Confluent Half Sample Right
Confluent Half Sample Right 2
Confluent Half Sample Left 2

To create a people-focused case study section, we spent the day photographing some of Confluent's most valuable customers.

Merideth Hero
Mike Hero
Orion Hero
Lisa Hero 2
Pinnacle Hero
Security Hero

Website UX Design

There were three goals we aimed to accomplish in this website experience: The first was to make Confluent Strategies a personable brand by getting to know the members of their team. The second, to convey community and regional trust through the glowing testimonials of some of their best clients. The final goal was to drive potential customers to their Business Solutions and Industry pages.

Confluent Mobile
Confluent Team Desktop
Confluent Lisa Desktop
Confluent Orion Desktop
Confluent Home Desktop
Confluent Credentialing Desktop

The Takeaway

In combining our efforts with the content experts at Conveyor, and the strategic development team at Modern Interface - we were able to provide Confluent Strategies with an updated web experience. By focusing on passionate, friendly staff and the people who love to work with them, we helped the company project themselves as a person-to-person brand and not a faceless b2b.

Confluent Profile Hero

Merging Insights with Action

Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, Confluent Strategies represents a wide range of companies involved in consumer and commercial transactions of all types.

Confluent Strategies specializes in consumer credit, commercial and mortgage credit reporting, Integra Financial Benchmarking (business valuation reports), background checks and employment screening, and association management to HOAs, mortgage lenders and industry associations.


107 SE Washington St
Suite 470
Portland, OR


(503) 512 9441