Covid Resources

Simple directory website for resources in dealing with the coronavirus outbreak in the United States. We believe in supporting causes that benefit all of us.

Having so many friends and family on the front line of the COVD-19 fight, we were inspired to create a directory website where people share as well as find resources to deal with the crisis.

What We Did

Website Design, Frontend Development, UX/UI, CraftCMS, Mobile Design, Logo Design

Crowdsourced resources all in one place

As COVID-19 began to take hold across the country, people began to ask themselves how they could help and, others asked how they could get help. We were observing many resources being shared across social media and wanted to compile them into an easy-to-use directory. We also provided a place for businesses, organizations, or individuals to post resources they provide or have come across.

Many COVID-19 sites we were seeing were dark and ominous, so we created a site that was bright and optimistic by utilizing bright colors and illustrations.

Covid Resources Mobile Screen 3
Covid Resources Mobile Screen

Social Media Campaign

On a weekly basis, we post the most recent or relevant resources to connect people who are either looking for help or looking to help with websites, people and organizations.