Grinbaum Orthodontics

In collaboration with Modern Interface, we created a digital brand that attracts Dr. Grinbaum's unique audience by conveying her patients' personal, life-changing experiences.

Grinbaum Patient Shots Hero
Grinbaum Patients Girl
Grinbaum Patients Boy

Brand Photography

Since Grinbaum Orthodontics is cosmetically-focused, their services are not always covered by dental plans. In order to tell her patient's stories, it was paramount that we conveyed Dr. Grinbaum's unique service set with a personal touch. Working with photographer Ryan Flood, our first goal was to capture warm, happy patient interactions in her office that could be used to showcase services and ease the anxiety of potential patients.

Next, we worked on telling the story of her family, staff and qualifications. We shot at several locations including Central Park, just outside her office, and a building rooftop overlooking the Manhattan skyline.

Grinbaum Case Study Hero
Grinbaum Case Study Liam
Grinbaum Case Study Harriet
Grinbaum Case Study Delaney

Real-life Results

Positive patient case studies are Dr. Grinbaum's strongest selling point. We showcased patient stories using a mix of environmental office shots, a midtown rooftop, and the streets of New York City.

Grinbaum Mobile Ux

Website Design

The website's target audience include young professionals seeking cosmetic orthodontics, and patients seeking traditional braces. By emphasizing patients' stories, we positioned Grinbaum Orthodontics as brand providing life-changing procedures. We also emphasized the friendliness of Dr. Grinbaum and her staff.

Grinbaum Office Desktop
Grinbaum Request Desktop
Grinbaum Before After Desktop

The Takeaway

Together with Modern Interface, we helped Grinbaum Orthodontics grow their business in a very competitive NYC market by using a mix of lifestyle and patient-focused photography, packaged in an people-focused web experience.

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Orthodontics For Your Life

Based in New York City, Grinbaum Orthodontics offers pressure-free cosmetic and medical orthodontic solutions tailored to each patient's needs and budget.


107 SE Washington St
Suite 470
Portland, OR


(503) 512 9441