Paramount Salon

Paramount Salon is a family-owned, Portland-based salon that focuses on furthering education and expertise in the beauty industry — to the delight of their loyal customers.

Paramount's website needed a light, bright and beautiful makeover that put their people and style front and center.

What We Did

Website Design, Frontend Development, UX/UI, CraftCMS, Art Direction, Photography, Iconography
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Website Design & Development

By keeping text, buttons and other elements monotone, we let our vibrant, moody photography do the talking. This simplicity also makes for an easy-to-navigate site for users old and new.

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Paramount Mockup


To help give some visual pop to smaller content blocks, we developed a series of minimal, thin line-weight icons that seamlessly integrated with the site’s simple design.

Paramount icons


As a counterpoint to our minimalist design, we shot a series of lush, colorful photos that highlighted the work of the salon and the lifestyle of its customers.

"Words cannot express how grateful we are to Brandon and his team. Our experience was an amazing start to finish. We will be clients for life!"

// MEGAN THOMSON, Paramount Salon