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We collaborated with Modern Interface to produce quirky, colorful branding, art-directed mouthwatering photos, and a clean user interface.


Brand Photography

SugarStreet's brand focus is on their tasty food, full-service events, unique wedding cakes and warm, friendly staff. We devised an art direction strategy that emphasized clean, appetizing food products, staff working to create those menu items, and profiles of the staff.

The photography, shot by Matthew Sumi, draws attention to each expertly crafted menu item or sweet treat.

Sugar Street Cupcakes
Sugar Street Cake
Sugar Street Bowl
Sugar Street Hero
Sugar Street Hero 2

Website UX Design

The new website needed to target three major daily customer types: The first customer type is the casual lunch crowd. The second type are afternoon snackers with a sweet tooth. Brides-to-be are the third target customer. 

On the site, we rotate messaging to target each type of customer depending on time of day. In the morning, we target lunch crowds; in afternoons, the sweet-toothed; and during evening hours, we target wedding planners.

Sugar Street Mobile
Sugarsteet Home Desktop
Sugarsteet Bistro Desktop
Sugarsteet Cupcakes Desktop
Sugarsteet Cupcakes Desktop
Sugarsteet Request Desktop
Sugarsteet Wedding Desktop

The Takeaway

By utilizing beautiful photography and creating an intuitive, modern experience, we were able to help the client reach their business goals: increasing revenue from cake and cupcake sales, and growing their bistro business.

Sugar Street Hero

More Than Just A Bakery

SugarStreet Bakery and Bistro, located on Water Ave. in Portland, Oregon, is home to some of the freshest, tastiest and most creative food you can find. Their bakery and catering service specializes in custom cakes, cupcakes and menus. Pop into their bakery and bistro during the week for lunch and choose from a daily sample of delectable treats.


107 SE Washington St
Suite 470
Portland, OR

(503) 512 9441