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We jumped at the chance to partner with a mission-driven company like Vibrant Village Foundation. We created a web experience that reflected their values and told their story.

Final Icons

Designing Interactive Icon System

We created 6 families of icons for the six pillars of their foundation. Each icon family had a main icon, a challenge icon and a solution icon. We designed interactive cards that would let users learn more about each pillar.

Mobile 4 Set

Getting to the core of it

Vibrant Village Foundation's old site was very expansive, filled with outdated content and was difficult to navigate. They wanted to scale down their website footprint and simplify their design and messaging.

Work Desktop Tall
Home Desktop Tall
Story Desktop Tall
Brandon was super straightforward to work with. He understood what we wanted and was able to deliver on the ideas we discussed with very little back and forth. This made the process very streamlined and efficient. Laura Koch, Vibrant Village Foundation
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Investing in the potential of communities around the world

Vibrant Village is a private foundation working to improve food security, family health, financial wellbeing, and education in communities around the world. We make grants to non-profit organizations and directly manage programs from our field offices in Ecuador, Ghana, and Kenya.


107 SE Washington St
Suite 470
Portland, OR


(503) 512 9441