Skyline Renewables

Skyline Renewables is a newly established renewable energy company focused on acquiring, developing and optimizing renewable power assets.

Skyline Renewables had one goal: a simple, easy-to-navigate phase 1 website that would tell the world who they are and what they do.

What We Did

Website Design, Frontend Development, UX/UI, CraftCMS, Art Direction, Iconography


Simple and straightforward are key to our values at Iris, so we used bold blocks of color, subtle text animations, and clean typography throughout Skyline’s website.

Skyline mobile 2
Skyline mobile 3
Skyline mobile 6
Skyline mobile 4


To make their services easier to navigate and understand, we developed three service icons and a family of statistical icons to track energy generated, water conserved, homes powered, and more.

Skyline Mockup